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About Us

Tazcom Ltd. is the leading distributor & reseller of Voice, Cloud, Data, Physical Security, Video Conferencing, and Unified Communications and Collaborations products and services all over the UK. Our vast portfolio is a carefully curated selection of the best brands in the industry to catalyse success for our customers and partners.


Clean, simple and agnostic solutions

Complex Products with Zero Transacting Headache

Broad range of products from the best technology partners in the industry

Made for Enterprises of All Sizes

Award-Winning Technical Support

Our Journey

Since its inception, Tazcom has provided simple UC services to the enterprise marketplace. It has acquired a wealth of industry experience, innovating and improving at every step. This dedication and finger-on-the-pulse market approach establishes it as one of the top technology distributors in the UK and Europe.

Tazcom has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the industry working with resellers, end-users, integrators, telecom service providers-practically any customer or partner on a communication journey.

Our Vision

We work with a singular mission to provide clean, simple, and agnostic solutions to consumers, allowing them to navigate the intricate world of UC without the hassle of transacting. 

With illustrious experience in the field, we deliver a fast-response distribution model that boasts a quick service, just what you need in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.

Our Mission


Tazcom understands that the IT landscape can be challenging to navigate. This is why we strive to create an easy pathway for our clients. Enjoy seamless integration of multiple communications tools into a single interface with a commitment to enhancing user experience and productivity. We ensure simplicity every step of the way, allowing you to access high-quality UC products in a simple and straightforward manner.

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of complex telecommunications products made more accessible with an easy integration model, professional managed services, and consistent customer support. Our portfolio includes On-Prem or Cloud-Based Infrastructure products and services from highly regarded vendors like AudioCodes, Cisco, Dialogic, Sangoma, and Amtelco. 

Browse through our selection of end-user products and devices from vendors like Poly, Jabra, and EPOS. Use technology that works with Cloud and Video Conferencing apps and Microsoft Teams to adjust to the new business landscape.


Tazcom has an unrelenting focus on simple solutions, even more than the actual products, aimed at supporting every type of partner. We allow you to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the ever-changing consumer demands.

Anyone can offer products, but we offer adaptable solutions that ensure the simplicity, ease of integration, and agility every business needs to thrive. We intercept customer trends and provide cutting-edge technology that will allow our partners to succeed and grow.