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With the increase in hybrid work, there is a need for proper equipment and communication tools to ensure seamless interactions from anywhere your employees may be. Poly offers clients a range of audio and video solutions that elevate your work-from-home experience. Choose from Poly’s wide selection of products at our website to ensure all your employees work as one, regardless of their workspace or work style.

Poly CCX Family Social Cards

Tazcom & Poly 

Tazcom understands the need for professional-grade collaboration technology to ensure seamless communication across the organization. This is why we partner with the best. Poly provides a complete range of audio and video products to match your exclusive needs, which you can shop for here at Tazcom.

Why Poly?

Poly has extensive experience of over 50 years of creating premium audio and video solutions that allow you to have the best meeting. See fewer interruptions and roadblocks when working from home, which impedes effective remote work. Poly is all about an immersive experience, which is the need in today’s digital age.

Poly has a range of innovative tech products, from headsets to video solutions, to deliver a seamless hybrid experience. Understanding the growing need for effective communications technology, Poly has stepped up with beautifully designed products that let you not merely work but do your best. Poly’s audio and video products bring out the best in every employee, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.

The Importance of Audio and Video Solutions

Communication was always integral to the success of any business. Whether you need to interact with clients or employees, you need effective tools of communication. With many substandard products in the market, Poly’s professional-grade equipment ensures effective collaboration throughout the organization. It provides Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Office Workplace solutions. The benefits of this are endless, some of which include employee flexibility and clear communication from anywhere, anytime.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the work style. Businesses that fail to adapt to this changing work trend are at risk of loss. Studies show that hybrid work leads to better employee productivity, lower utility costs, and lesser use of space. In light of this, every business needs unique audio and video products that work well on any UC platform. Create a global workforce, and take advantage of diverse talents with better communication tools at your disposal.

Poly Products

  • Headsets
  • Conference phones
  • Business phones
  • Video carts and stations
  • Webcams
  • Plantronics Manager Pro
  • Polycom Device Management
  • Service Provider

Benefits of Poly Audio and Video Products

  • Provides an enhanced hybrid working experience
  • Gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere
  • A wide range of high-tech headsets to suit every business’s needs
  • Ensure employee collaboration with high-quality audio and video
  • Deliver better client service with fewer interruptions
  • Poly’s DCET headsets provide an added layer of security for critical business conversations
  • Bluetooth headsets allow work on the go
  • Ensure collaboration on popular audio and video platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom

If you need help, contact us on, or visit Poly for more information.