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Tazcom has over 25 years of industry experience as a reseller of telecommunications products and services that help businesses enhance their productivity. The business landscape is ever-changing, and we strive to expand our portfolio to help customers keep up. The growing demands of the workplace have led to the need for better products that maintain communication and connectivity on the go.

Tazcom & Spectralink

Tazcom is the authorized reseller of Spectralink mobile communication products that are secure and cost-effective. Spectralink delivers mobility to enterprises from various industries, allowing your employees to collaborate and communicate anywhere, anytime. Better workers, greater revenue!

Why Spectralink?

Individuals and businesses alike are impacted by the fast-paced environment of today. Spectralink targets a vital demand of this new way of doing things-mobility. Since 1990, it has built reliable business mobile phones that provide superior voice quality and seamless integration with the top UC platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco and Zoom Phone, among others. Spectralink delivers customized mobility and complete interoperability. This end-to-end wireless mobile phone solution can be used in high-performance and voice-sensitive industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others.

Evade the hassle of interruptions in audio traffic, subpar sound quality, and dropped calls with Spectralink’s command on Voice over Wi-Fi. Their wireless VoIP phones overcome these gaps in connectivity, which can cost businesses thousands of dollars in revenue annually and hamper a coherent collaborative culture, especially in large organizations. Stay connected over physical boundaries, enhancing the scope of your business.

The Importance of Mobile Communication

Mobile communications have become integral to business in today’s digital era. 80% of the world’s staff is mobile. An increasingly hybrid workplace has mandated the need for better communication methods that keep both desk-based and remote employees connected at all times. Traditional means of communication, like bulletin boards, are outdated relics, and mobile-first communications have become mainstream due to quicker exchange.

The ease of mobile communications seamlessly adjusts to the post-covid era, allowing employees to choose the convenience of remote work. Overcoming connectivity issues with superior quality, wireless phone systems free up office space and ensure employees don’t remain confined to their office desks, reducing utility costs for the business and boosting overall productivity. Mobile communication-based solutions empower enterprises with organizational agility and streamlined operations that create a positive client experience.

Spectralink Products

  • Wi-Fi Phones
  • Accessories for Wi-Fi Phones
  • IP and Virtual DECT servers
  • Handsets

How Spectralink Wireless Phone Systems Benefit You?

  • Spectralink wireless headsets eliminate paging delays to improve delivery time and ensure quicker emergency response time
  • Lightweight phones with award-winning voice quality for a user-friendly experience
  • Noise suppression technology replicates the voice quality of a face-to-face interaction
  • Gives mobile workers the same tools that desk-based workers have
  • Improved communication fosters greater collaboration and safety throughout the organization
  • Tailored mobile solutions integrate with a wide range of technology partners including UC platforms, leading business apps, and more
  • Find a Spectralink handset to suit every business need, from entry-level wireless solutions to high-level mobile UC systems.

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