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We are authorised distributors and sellers of Unified Communications (UC) products and services from leading brands. In today’s world, there is a growing need for digital integration. In light of this, Tazcom has added Ribbon to its list of reputed vendors. Ribbon Communications is a global company that offers a range of IP and networking solutions to service providers and enterprises. The ultimate aim is to equip customers to set themselves up for success in today’s competitive digital world.

Tazcom & Ribbon

Tazcom is dedicated to providing unrivalled products in the world of Unified Communications. We bring customers products from the cream of technology providers like Ribbon Communications. Since its inception and over two decades of experience, Ribbon has quickly become a trusted choice for customers worldwide.

Why Ribbon Communications?

It is no surprise that we are in the midst of a rapidly changing marketplace. The next stage is all about advanced communications technologies. Businesses that fail to adapt will be wiped out. In light of this, adopting a competitive, ‘always-on’ position is crucial, which is possible with the range of Ribbon portfolio.

Ribbons Communications delivers unparalleled, innovative IT solutions that ensure enterprise scalability, performance, and agility. With significant experience in the field, Ribbon promises more reliable networking solutions with a commitment to customer engagement. Its consistent record as a trusted vendor of industry-leading solutions has earned it an ecosystem of many renowned technological brands.

  • Flexibility to transition from phone systems to Microsoft Teams
  • Boosts real-time communication
  • Seamless integration for geographically dispersedorganisations
  • Differentiated UC solutions for enhanced reliability and quality maintenance
  • Cost savings with Voice Over IP (VoIP)

The Importance of Network Transformation

Ribbon Communications offers IP optical networking and secure cloud communications services to deliver network transformation to enterprises all over the world. In today’s data-hungry world, delivering fast solutions is the primary aim of every business. Whether you want to transfer from a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) line to a VoIP or adopt a cloud-native application, Ribbon has the right product portfolio for each.

Overcoming network management challenges in multi-layer settings is of imperative importance not just for a business’s success but for its survival as well. The exponential growth of internet traffic, the need to meet performance metrics, and the changing demand for remote work requires interoperability. You can leverage the power of Ribbon’s IP wave for an optimised, automated, and open environment.

Ribbon Products

  • IP optical networks
  • 5G wireless technology
  • Cloud and Edge
  • Benefits of Ribbon’s IP Technology
  • Enhanced mobility and scalability
  • Hire better quality workers due to remote access
  • Seamless integration into the company’s existing infrastructure
  • Reduce costs by the second with an IP telephone system
  • Improved bandwidth with Ribbon’s 5G wireless technology

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