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In today’s digital age, businesses are always looking to leverage the power of technology to lower costs, improve efficiency, ensure seamless operation and position themselves ahead of the competition. Employee productivity is at the centre of an organization’s revenue, and there should be no compromise. Jabra provides Unified Communications headsets and conference devices to deliver convenience, comfort, and functionality to all workers.


Tazcom & Jabra

Tazcom is a strategic partner in the UC space providing UC products from prominent vendors to ensure the client’s ease at every step. Jabra has a range of hands-free communication products to match various business needs.


Why Jabra?

With the rapid rise in remote work, there is a need for products that make communication easier. Whether you’re working from home, office, or anywhere else, Jabra offers unique audio and video solutions for every customer. With 150 years of experience in communications technology, Jabra has one of the best headsets and speakerphones in the market, which boast a range of benefits for businesses and their employees.

Headsets by Jabra support the major UC platforms and provide excellent audio to clients. This naturally improves service, setting our business up for success. The efficacy of your UC platform depends on the headset you use. There is no better choice than the award-winning range of headsets Jabra has to offer.


The Importance Of Communications Technology

Communication is an imperative part of any business. It has become even more vital with the increase in hybrid work. However, most employees don’t have the right equipment to participate fully. When you have the right technology like Jabra’s headsets and conference devices, the whole world is practically your workspace! Communicate with employees and clients anywhere in the world with fewer interruptions and nuisances.

Whether you need to answer calls or video conference with large groups in Microsoft Teams, you need the right audio and video solutions. Average technology won’t make the cut, especially when working at a professional level. Ensuring seamless communication will allow you to enjoy remote work, which is known to produce better employee productivity, and boost overall company revenue. You’ll notice a remarkable difference when you switch to certified Jabra headsets to make and answer calls on a UC platform. Enjoy work from home with a professional spin, which benefits the company and its employees.

Jabra Products

  • MS certified products
  • Cisco certified products
  • Contact Centre
  • Hybrid working

Choose the right headset to match your business needs. For more, contact us on or visit Jabra.

Benefits of Jabra Communications Technology

  • Ensure employee ease with headsets to match different needs, which will then boost productivity at home or in the office
  • Alleviate neck and back pain resulting from holding phones, which lowers employee absenteeism
  • Ensure longer talk time for thorough meetings
  • Enjoy an immersive and high-quality video experience for a more productive meeting
  • Ensure a solid connection wherever you’re working from
  • Deliver a better client experience with improved audio