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There are many Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that are a need of the hour in today’s rapidly changing hybrid work environment. To enjoy an enhanced UC experience, you must ensure all the parts work effectively. There are three main components of Unified Communications, including voice calling, web conferencing, and messaging. In light of this, AudioCodes is the industry leader in voice networking and media processing products and services for businesses of all types.

Tazcom & AudioCodes

Tazcom reserves significant knowledge of UC products and services. We offer our clients technical expertise by bringing you the best UC solutions in the market. Enjoy high-quality voice networking solutions by AudioCodes to reach every employee’s full potential.


Why AudioCodes?

If you are an IT professional or business, you need seamless voice and video convergence into Microsoft Teams. This is possible through AudioCodes’s unique VoIP solutions, which enable voice for both locally deployed and cloud-based UC solutions. They have a complete portfolio of innovative products that include high-quality voice technology that will transform the way you communicate. Listen and speak better with Audiocodes, which literally gives your organization a new voice.

AudioCodes is known for its security and reliability, which is why it is the obvious choice for any voice communications setting. AudioCodes Live enables direct routing for Microsoft Teams using AudioCodes’ session border controllers. Enjoy a seamless transition to Microsoft Teams with excellent video and voice quality. It also enables better management and real-time communications.

One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) enables network management by making everyday tasks more straightforward and manageable. The Voca app, a unique IVR solution, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, providing complete scalability, and allowing users and customers to interact. AudioCodes Live enables direct routing for Microsoft Teams using AudioCodes’ session border controllers.

The Importance Of Voice Networking

Unified Communications is important for any business, and effective voice networking is integral to any UC platform. In light of this, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has become increasingly important to make communication easier. Understanding the benefits of this technology, many businesses have quickly switched from regular phone lines to VoIP. VoIP helps bring down costs, enhances collaboration, and has various added features.

Now that the workplace is moving towards a hybrid setting, many employees work from home. A business cannot adapt to this new landscape with old, redundant solutions. You need effective voice networking solutions that AudioCodes offers to enable voice for UC platforms. This way, you open up your business to new avenues and opportunities. Maintain an all-IP voice network with ease.

AudioCodes Products

  • IP handsets
  • Session Border Controllers (SCB)
  • Media Gateways
  • IP phones
  • Huddle room solutions

Benefits of voice Networking solutions

  • Enjoy an enhanced Microsoft Teams experience for better collaboration among employees with AudioCodes Live
  • State-of-the-art voice calling solutions for on-site and off-site workers, enabling easy adaptation to a hybrid workplace
  • Effective QoE monitoring for Microsoft Teams meetings
  • OVOC allows for easy deployment on cloud services
  • Enjoy better audio with reduced costs with AudioCodes VoIP
  • Significantly improved end-user communication

If you need help, contact us for more, or visit AudioCodes.