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Amtelco is a renowned brand delivering XDS technology, eXternally Defined Switching. They have a complete range of XDS telephony boards, cards and appliances. This particular section designs and produces telephony interface boards. The XDS boards transfer the switching abilities to PC platforms. With significant experience in the field, Amtelco has designed XDS technology that allows users to take advantage of the interfaces fully.

Tazcom & Amtelco

Tazcom provides Unified Communications solutions to ensure a seamless transaction process. This is why we partner with pioneers in the industry. We provide you access to Amtelco’s XDS technology and combine it with our expertise to help business scale.

Why Amtelco?

Since Amtelco’s inception in 1976, it has been an industry leader in innovative telephony and call center solutions. This led to the establishment of Amtelco XDS technology, which has now expanded. Amtelco XDS designs and markets products like telephony boards and telephony interface cards to developers.

Amtelco XDS includes

Digital interface boards:

  • T1
  • E1
  • BRI
  • PRI

Analog interface boards:

  • FXO
  • FXS
  • E&M

Amtelco has years of experience in switching products, which is why they are the obvious choice. First-generation switching products included a voice grade line concentrator, and the second generation of this line had ASP, a digital telephony switch meant to be operated by a host. Keeping up the success of preceding products, the third generation product, XDS, has much to offer users.

The Importance of Soft Switching

With various advancements, soft switching is a relatively recent development that has now gained force due to its importance to the business world. Amtelco has now introduced XDS as part of soft switching. The idea of soft switching is to switch control from telephony boards to the computer software. This paves the way for enhancedvirtualization, an important part of businesses today.

XDS Products

Telephony Cards/Telephony Boards

Amtelco’s XDS technology includes telephony cards or telephony boards. They are vital hardware parts of telephone systems that allow integration with computers. These cards can support and work on hybrid, digital or analog phone systems.

These XDS products support and are suited to open architecture. This enables XDS telephony boards to work with telephony boards from various vendors. They are designed to provide complete protection.

XDS Telephony Gateway Appliances

Amtelco has a range of XDS gateways to choose from, including E&M Gateway Appliances, 2-port and 4-port. These appliances have web-based programming as well as Quad interface connectors. You can also avail Asterisk switching between SIPs, Session Initiation Protocols. It supports a range of signaling platforms like Standard Type 1, Type 4 and 5.

Amtelco also has the T1/E1 to VoIP Gateway Appliance that has double T1/E1 interfaces. It also allows web programming and easy switching to and from SIP providers. You can send audio from TT1/E1 to the VoIP resource to monitor and record.