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Services Services Tazcom Ltd. is a UC distributor and reseller offering clean and simple agnostic solutions catering to all your telecommunications needs.

We adopt a solution-focused approach in tandem with the most renowned UC products from leading industry vendors like Audio Codes, Cisco, and Dialogic. We have a range of product that includes, but is not limited to end user devices and Cloud Calling.

Partnering with us generates a steady income stream with targeted solutions to meet the ever-changing world of telecommunications. Our well-rounded portfolio, coupled with extensive professional services, equip partners, their customers, service providers, and small to large enterprises with the tools to refurbish their communication network, boost performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

We assist you from start to finish, ensuring we alleviate your burden as much as possible.

You have a problem?

We have the solution.
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Professional Services

We offer end-to-end managed services, securing everything at our end so you can focus on running your business operations. The right project management tools and resources make all the difference, giving you the competitive edge you need. Anyone can access IT products, but few can use them to create a winning project support model that catalyses success.

Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to create result-based projects, keeping time and budget constraints at the forefront. Tazcom service consultants will assist you in every stage of project management, including project planning and design, management and implementation. With a keen eye, Tazcom in-house experts intercept potential risks and take care of them timely. The result is an optimal network that ensures confident operations.

Technical support & assistance

There are industry-experts available at your service at every stage, regardless of the size of your project. We understand that the UC landscape is hard to navigate, so we offer assistance beginning from the stage of planning. The technical team is available to tend to your needs even after the end of the project. We aim to build partnerships, not just make money. Once we work with you, we’ll go the extra mile. Contact us for any technical assistance. Tazcom gives you exclusive access to the sharpest technical minds to achieve any task and overcome any problem. We can assist you through it all-data migration, pre-sales guidance, after-sales support, and disaster recovery.

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Deployment, integration & configuration

Tazcom provides its customers with an extensive range of deployment services of top-of-the-line UC products and solutions with easy integration that allows for seamless incorporation into your existing interface. Whether it’s a Microsoft or Cisco solution, our deployment services support a broad list of vendor solutions.

Our configuration service is easily tailored to suit customer needs and vendor technology. It extends an enhanced user experience, mitigating error and reducing provisioning times.

Need Help?

Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of telecommunications every step of the way. We ensure solution-centred project management and professional services with outsourced technical support that allow our customers and partners to augment business profitability.