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Sangoma Technologies specializes in Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) for businesses of various natures and sizes. It provides a range of UC products and solutions that will put any company ahead of its competition. Unified Communications technology has innumerable benefits, which mandates the need for Sangoma’s vast portfolio. Their products can cater to any business to keep its operations flowing by connecting important processes and people.

Tazcom & Sangoma

The digital landscape can be hard to navigate, and Tazcom is dedicated to providing easy solutions to changing workplace trends. For this reason, we partner with Sangoma Technologies to offer award-winning products and solutions to meet every business’s unique needs.

Why Sangoma Technologies?

Sangoma has long established itself as the industry leader in Communications as a service (CaaS) all around the world. As an all-in-one UC vendor, they provide every communications technology product that a company needs. They have a complete range of headsets, desk phones, and PSTN and VoIP equipment. As developers, their UC products and solutions boast better innovation.

Their cloud-native communications services encompass Unified Communications, Collaboration as a service, video meetings as a service, fax as a service, and more. You can choose between an on-premises, cloud-hosted, or hybrid system. These integrated solutions pave the way for seamless coordination between employees of the same organization, no matter how expansive. Their products serve several industries, be it finance, education, retail, legal or other.

The Importance of CaaS

Communication is the most important part of a business, whether it’s dealing between employees or clients. If you don’t have adequate means of communication, how will you ensure harmony within a business, and how will you retain clients? CaaS is extremely useful for companies that need agility to function.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) paves the way for enhanced network connectivity, lowering costs, and achieving greater flexibility. With a unified communications system, you can outdo the competition and receive more in-depth data to bring about improvements within your organization. With increased hybrid work, you can streamline communications from any geographical location, but that’s only possible with UC products and solutions.

Sangoma Products

  • Unified Communications phone systems
  • Headsets
  • Desk phones
  • VoIP connectivity equipment
  • Software defined networking
  • Sessions border controllers
  • Telephony cards

Benefits of Sangoma UC Products

  • Sangoma provides a VoIP solution for every kind of business budget, which helps boost cost-effectiveness.
  • UC products provide better connectivity from any and all remote locations, ensuring there is no downtime during unprecedented times like Covid-19.
  • Enhances the flexibility your employees need to work from home or from office, which boosts productivity.
  • Sangoma provides end-point devices that ensure seamless communication with minimal interruptions.
  • Sangoma’s integrated solutions allow greater agility and functionality for any business.

If you need help choosing the right CaaS solution for your business, feel free to contact us. Visit Sangoma to learn more.