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Cyber Security Solutions for the Modern-Day Workplace

As more and more enterprises move their operations to the digital world, the world of cyber security continues to grow to meet their diverse needs. Tazcom takes the lead by partnering with software development companies providing innovative solutions – to help create and maintain a secure IT environment for your business.

Predict, detect, and avert cyber attacks with advanced cyber security solutions from Tazcom!

We are an authorised partner of Checkpoint and offer a range of its innovative cyber security products to help you build safe digital spaces.

Protecting Businesses in the Digital World

The prevalence of remote and hybrid workplaces has increased dramatically within the past few years (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic), and so have the threats to them. As businesses find newer ways to conduct their operations online, cybercrimes are also evolving, posing newfangled risks for disruptive digital attacks.

Tazcom responds to this rapidly changing cyber-security scenario by providing innovative protective software systems. Checkpoint’s advanced security solutions can avert even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, ensuring your system and data remain safe from malicious attempts. Checkpoint takes security solutions seriously and was also the company who gave us the 1st firewall.

Take the first step to secure your digital workspace today. Contact us to find a suitable cybersecurity solution for your enterprise.

Diverse Solutions for Versatile Workplaces

No two businesses are the same. Even if they are operating in the same industry and providing similar products or services, every company is distinct and different from its peers and competitors in more ways than one. This makes universal cyber security systems an obsolete concept. At Tazcom, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we offer a broad range of security solutions catering to the diverse needs of enterprises in today’s rapidly evolving digital space.

Check out our product catalogue to choose the best digital security solution for your company.

Assess and Avert Cyber Security Threats with Tazcom

Don’t wait for the black hat hackers to attack your system to launch a response. Build a strong, comprehensive security system that’s impenetrable to avert the risks in the first place.

Assess, test, and strengthen your cyber security across all digital vectors with us.

Start with a free cyber security risk assessment!

Our cyber security risk assessment is a comprehensive evaluation, testing, and analysis of your IT system to identify the security loopholes that hackers can potentially take advantage of. Take the first step to keeping your information and processes safe from intruders.

The Cyber Security Solutions We Offer

We at Tazcom offer a wide range of digital security software and systems to help diverse types of businesses meet their unique cybersecurity needs. However,  Checkpoint’s innovative solutions we have  can be grouped into four major categories.



Prized for its scalability, this advanced network protection system provides the best security gateways to prevent the most calculated and strongest cyber attacks.


Cloud Guard

With statistics showing that most businesses now use cloud platforms to communicate, cooperate, work, and store data, there’s a strong need for them to invest in advanced cloud security solutions to keep their virtual workspaces and data safe from attackers. Our Cloud Guard checks the box as no other solution does.



Allow your diverse workforce to work from wherever they want without compromising their security or your data. Build secure user access across multiple platforms with our Harmony solutions.



Convert your reactive cyber security to a proactive approach with our state-of-the-art threat detection and prevention tools.

Want an All-Inclusive Solution? Avail Check Point Infinity Global Services

Check Point Infinity Global Services is a comprehensive digital security solution that provides end-to-end cyber security services to prevent advanced threats, respond to attacks, and improve security resilience strategy.