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The Tazcom team has over 25 years of experience providing Unified Communications (UC) products and services from industry-leading vendors. We allow voice and video integration into existing infrastructure, without the transacting hassle. With increasing competition, seamless communication and collaboration are at the heart of any successful business. At Tazcom, we aim to bring you the best solutions that ensure enhanced workplace productivity.

Tazcom & Yealink

Tazcom Ltd. partners with Yealink to provide unified communications and collaboration solutions to companies looking for innovation-led technology. Yealink is one of the top voice and video conferencing solutions providers in the world, delivering ease in collaboration and guaranteed productivity to businesses from a range of industries.

Why Yealink?

The up-and-coming business generation is all about voice and video c

onferencing solutions and unified communications products. With a finger-on-the-pulse market approach, Yealink consistently ranks among the leading technology providers in the IP phone and video conferencing market.

Since its inception in 2001, Yealink has worked hard to create an extensive portfolio of unified communications solutions that align with the ever-changing business trends. Tazcom realizes this growing need and partners with Yealink to allow users to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in place of a traditional analog connection for its comprehensive list of benefits. Whatever size or nature of business you have, there is a Yealink solution to match your needs.

The Importance of Workplace Communication & Collaboration

In today’s digital age, there is a need for effective communication and collaboration in the workplace. The rapid rise of hybrid work, especially post-COVID, has led to increased stress on web conferencing solutions that ensure ease of communication with minimal roadblocks and intrusions.

The new-age employee yearns for an on-the-go work experience, which is only possible with products like Yealink headsets, cameras, and speakerphones that can be used anywhere-in and out of the office.

With innovative voice and video conferencing solutions, ditch the hassle of interrupted voice and the need to commute long distances just to hold an in-office meeting. Save time and costs and adapt to the new way of doing business. Collaborate and communicate with your employees and partners with innovation-centered UC solutions to suit every scenario.

Yealink Products & Solutions

  • IP phones
  • Headsets
  • Speakerphones
  • Voice communication
  • Video conferencing solutions

How Yealink Voice and Video Solutions Benefit You?

  • Yealink phones feature a user-friendly interface and design, paving the way for an enhanced user experience
  • Easy deployment with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams
  • The voice and video solutions ensure easy collaboration in the workplace, enhancing productivity
  • A remote phone system allows business to adapt to the increasing hybrid workplace
  • Stay connected with employees from anywhere, reducing in-office utility bills and other related expenses
  • Bridge gaps with Yealink Video Conferencing Room Systems that increase the potential for expanding into international markets and hiring an overseas workforce
  • Lower costs by switching in-person meetings with Yealink web conferencing solutions
  • Minimize downtime from unsuccessful and interrupted communication attempts with subpar and outdated communications products and solutions

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