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Tazcom is dedicated to providing seamless support for customers navigating their way through the world of telecommunication. In today’s digital age, websites serve millions of users and fulfil repeat requests to return text, image, and video data effectively and quickly. At times, these servers become overloaded and incur the risk of a breakdown. To prevent this, users need load-balancing services.

Tazcom & Kemp

Tazcom serves as the authorized partner of Kemp. We aim to offer load-balancing solutions to businesses looking to develop and scale. Enjoy industry-leading load balancers and reverse proxy in the UK.

Why Kemp?

Understanding the growing need for online speed and efficiency, every business application needs load-balancing products for an equal distribution of network traffic across multiple servers to avoid a collapse.
Kemp is the undisputed name in load balancing, and we partner with them to provide customers across the UK with the always-on experience they need for uninterrupted performance. Kemp is known for its award-winning load balancing hardware and software, trusted by several renowned companies worldwide.

  • Secure use of web applications with web application firewall
  • Ward off Layer 7 attacks
  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Cost-effective
  • Rated the #1 load balancer across leading third-party review sites

The Importance of Load Balancing

In today’s fast-paced world, users don’t want to waste time. Whether a driver intends to load GPS, a customer wants to order food, or a patient wants to access medical records, everyone wants the job done at the click of a button. With long loading times and excruciatingly slow servers, businesses lose out on valuable customers by the second.

The rapidly increasing competition for high-speed web applications has led major corporations to reconsider their digital marketing strategy. With only 15% of websites operating at an acceptable speed, there is a dire need for better load times, which Kemp aims to provide. Businesses can face a 7% loss in conversion rate due to a delay in page loads, which asserts the importance of load-balancing products for businesses running websites and online applications.

Kemp Products

  • Hardware LoadMaster Load Balancer
  • Cloud-Native LoadMaster Load Balancer
  • Virtual LoadMaster Load Balancer
  • ESC Connection Manager
  • Multi-Tenant Load Balancer

You can contact us to discuss which Load Balancer plan is suited to your requirements.

How Kemp Load Balancing Benefits You?

  • Experience reduced downtime with Kemp’s high-performance load balancer and reverse proxy products as a preventative measure before you lose out millions of pounds by the hour
  • Ensure excellent web traffic management to handle web traffic surges without the need to lose out on performance metrics like load time and performance
  • Kemp’s cloud load balancers offer predictive analysis, preparing the network to handle a large influx of traffic before a problem occurs
  • Enjoy automatic scaling, which helps you ensure flexibility and save costs
  • Get quick recovery with industry-leading traffic management that redirects the flow to a disaster recovery site when the primary host is down
  • Enhance web application security with Kemp’sEdge Security Pack (ESP)

Contact us for more, or visit Kemp