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Aculab has over 40 years of experience providing a range of telecom products to clients to ensure their success. Given the importance of telecommunications in today’s digital age, Aculab has much to offer. Their wide product portfolio will help to empower your communications within the organization. They have a range of reliable services and systems to contribute to the global communications market.

Tazcom & Aculab

Tazcom Ltd. provides communication solutions to clients with seamless transacting. You can use a plethora of Aculab products and solutions with easy integration through our platform. Tazcom ensures you can navigate the difficult world of digital communications with ease.

Why Aculab?

Aculab is a leading name in the global communications market. Innovation is at the centre of this company, so it produces new products and solutions to match clients’ growing telecommunications needs. Their expertise extends to Artificial Intelligence (AI), telecommunications and biometrics. They have the latest cloud solutions, allowing companies to create memorable communication experiences. Aculab’s consistent commitment to quality makes it the obvious choice for telecommunication products and solutions.

Aculab also places great stress on information security, which is a growing concern among rising cyber security threats. When you use Aculab’s solutions, you will experience high-quality, unmatched data security. Moreover, Aculab cloud computing and telecommunications solutions service a range of industries. Cloud communication has several benefits for businesses today, and Aculab is the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Aculab Products

  • Aculab Cloud
  • AI-Driven Answering Machine Detection (AI-AMD)
  • VoiSentry
  • FaiSentry
  • SentryFusion
  • Enterprise Gateway
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The Importance Of Aculab Products

Cloud Communications

In today’s business landscape, there is increasing competition. Businesses that lack effectiveness will lose a competitive edge over others. Due to this, cloud communications have become integral to businesses looking for ways to cut costs and outdo competitors. Aculab offers Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), which paves the way for easy integration of voice, message and video in your applications.

There are several cloud communications solutions like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that will allow companies the ability to solve problems quickly. You can access real-time updates, and this level of information enables you to adopt contingencies in the event that something goes wrong before the problem escalates.

Cloud communications paves the way for remote work, which is a new trend following the pandemic. Instead of experiencing downtime and delays, cloud communications equip employees to work and communicate whether they are working from home or in the office.


AI-driven biometric technology from Aculab services forensic and health-related industries. It also ensures greater privacy, especially with the rapid increase in remote work. This technology mitigates the need for passwords, which effectively eliminates the profound risk of data theft. Biometrics make access difficult, which is why companies are using it all over the world.


Aculab also has telecom gateways that are resilient and reliable. They enhance the scope of interworking and also the level of third-party application reach. With these gateways, businesses can solve any network issues and ensure ease in deployment, on-premises and cloud-based.