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Cisco is a prominent name, providing technology to businesses. Cisco acquired Broadsoft in 2018, owing to its commitment to Unified Communications (UC). The company boasts a vast portfolio consisting of audio solutions, WebEx services, Cloud UC-One SaaS solutions, and network connectivity solutions. Since its acquisition of Broadsoft, clients have an even greater range of products to suit every type of business.

Tazcom & Cisco

Tazcom provides the best UC products and services to clients in the UK. With significant experience in the field, Tazcom has certain in-house services that keep the process as simple as possible. We understand it is hard to navigate the digital landscape, which is made easier by our delivery of Broadsoft platforms.

Why Cisco?

Cisco is the leading provider of technology products that make business operations easier. Tazcom chose Cisco for its Unified Communications portfolio, which integrates various aspects to create a successful system of crucial business processes, people, and technology. Cisco is known for its innovation, coming up with new solutions to meet the changing business landscape needs. Cisco is up-to-date with the switch to a hybrid workplace, allowing you various channels and ways to intercut with employees, wherever they may be.

Cisco collaboration benefits businesses by simplifying communication and operations with IP phones and video conferencing solutions. Cisco cloud solutions provide enhanced security in tandem, along with workload management and consistent networking.

Cisco collaboration helps to:

  • Integrate hardware, software, and network
  • Improve interactions
  • Connect and communicate easily, expediting decision-making

The Importance of a Secure Hybrid Workplace

It is no hidden fact that the pandemic has changed the way we work. There has been a significant shift towards remote work, which mandates the need for a cloud strategy and collaboration, both of which Cisco provides. Cisco collaboration helps businesses achieve their goals, whether it’s to streamline operations, make faster decisions, and save resources.

With increasing hybrid work, you can combine data with voice and video. High-quality video, integration of multi-vendor devices with enhanced security and uninterrupted networking are all vital aspects of creating a collaborative workplace for greater business agility. As the future of the business landscape, it is vital for businesses to create a digital collaborative, safe and secure infrastructure if they want to retain employees and customers.

Enjoy modern-day security solutions with Cisco secure solutions. Unpredictability is an incumbent part of business operations. Sidestep all security concerns that become even more acute in a hyper, hybrid workplace. Make sure you protect your financial data and maneuver any operational disruptions no matter where employees work from. Cisco also relays uninterrupted network connectivity for seamless business operations through critical network infrastructure solutions.

Benefits of Cisco Collaboration and Cloud Solutions

  • Take advantage of collaboration endpoints like IP phones, video, web and mobile to ensure seamless communication on and off site
  • Allow employees to collaborate real-time with no downtime, and from any geographical location
  • Makes shift to a hybrid world easier, which boosts employee productivity and saves office maintenance costs
  • Enhance end-user satisfaction and experience with Cisco cloud
  • Cisco’s network infrastructure solutions ensure consistent, high security through a diligent error detection, response and recovery process
  • Enjoy high-quality audio and video with carefully engineered headsets and video conferencing options

If you want to know more about using Cisco products, contact us or visit Cisco.