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Tazcom is the authorized reseller and distributor of Unified Communications (UC) products and solutions from industry leaders like Video Window. Video conferencing has remained an integral part of the remote business landscape for as long as we can remember. With increasing innovation and technological advances, businesses can now adopt an even more streamlined version of the traditional video conferencing system.

Tazcom & Video Window

Tazcom brings all the latest UC technological products and solutions under one domain. Video Window has made a breakthrough in video communications solutions,delivering an always-on video conferencing portal that ensures uninterrupted connectivity for businesses of all sizes.

Why Video Window?

The office culture has a direct impact on a company’s productivity, as well as the power to hire and retain the best employees. Video Window understands this challenge facing today’s businesses, especially with the increasing hybrid workplace trend following Covid.

Video Window is the frontrunner in overcoming video communications challenges and offers an immersive video conferencing solution that aims to achieve human connection above all. This marriage of human connection and productivity is what drives the new-age employee. They want to stay connected without the need to be confined.

Video Window provides a platform that facilitates collaboration between remote teams and the office, allowing remote employees to see the office, the environment, and the people, and truly feel connected. This brilliant, innovative solution that acts as an extension of the physical space will drive both in and out-of-office productivity.

The Importance of ‘Always-On’ Video Conferencing

Businesses might wonder, we have video conferencing; does it really need to be always-on, literally? The current findings show that it is highly beneficial. In today’s age, workplace productivity is driven by employee engagement and team spirit more than anything else.

Always-on video conferencing allows synchronization between remote and in-office employees, fostering a more collaborative and cohesive culture that is bound to produce better results. Two employees at different locations might not connect to video call each other, but the always-on portal makes that quick chat in the hallway more accessible. All you have to do is walk to the hardware setup in one office spot to connect.

This uninterrupted connectivity also removes delays in setting up a video meeting. Video Window’s always-on video conferencing allows users to connect immediately, eliminating the need for user logins, app downloads, scheduling, or web addresses. Simply tap on the ‘join audio’ button and form an instant connection. This makes room for quicker decision-making, which is imperative for businesses in today’s fast-paced environment.

Video Window Product

  • Always-on Video Conferencing Portal

Benefits of Video Window’s Always-On Video Conferencing Portal

  • Quicker communication between remote and in-office employees for faster decision making
  • Higher employee morale and unification with an always-connected video portal
  • Less video fatigue with Video Window on one side of your work table or office
  • Save costs from connectivity and commute delays
  • Easier collaboration between departments and employees of large organizations
  • Enjoy the convenience of an instant connection with a single tap
  • Increased human and social connection that produces better performing teams

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